Frequently Asked Questions

Being new to politics, Kelly has been spending significant time going door to door to introduce herself to her future constiutents, the residents of Cumberland County.

She has thoroughly enjoyed the people she has met, and appreciates the conversations, even when the same perspectives are not always mutual. Many residents have shared the same curiosities about the role of County Treasurer and Kelly as a candidate.

With the understanding that the opportunity to speak to every resident is unfortunately not possible, below you will find a number of frequently asked questions Kelly has received and her response to them. If you have a question that has not been addressed, please do not hesitate to reach out using the contact form!

What is the main responsibility of the Treasurer’s job?

The main job of the treasurer’s office is to act as the accounts receivable department for the county and to manage the funds that are collected.   This involves understanding the cash flow of the county along with understanding how to invest reserve funds.  While the balance of the reserve funds varies, they are very substantial deposits that require prudent, knowledgeable oversight.

Why are you doing this?

After a successful 30-year career in banking, I felt it was time to do something different.  I have always been a big supporter of nonprofit agencies in the community along with volunteering time for civic boards such as the Affordable Housing Trust Fund Board and the Zoning Board in my township.  I wanted to do something that would have an impact on the community at large and believe that my skill set lends itself to something financially based.  Cumberland County is growing, and I want to be part of continuing the financial success of the county.

Has there ever been a woman in the role?

I did not know it at the time that I entered this race, but I have since learned that there has never been a female in the role of Treasurer for Cumberland County since the first treasurer was elected in 1787.

What concerns do you have about the job?

I am deeply concerned about the long-term impact of the interest rate environment for the successful management of the county’s pension.  The Treasurer holds a position on the Retirement Board and is responsible for helping to manage the pension fund.  Acting as a Fiduciary over these funds is a serious responsibility and understanding how to evaluate risk and return for investment options is critical.

Who is endorsing you?

I am endorsed by the Cumberland County Republican Party and the current Treasurer, John Gross.  I have only sought these two endorsements because I felt it was important that John have confidence in my ability to do the job, and I am running as a representative of Republican Party.   Since I have worked with John on the county’s banking relationship over the past 15 years, he has a deep understanding my qualifications.  I have not sought other endorsements because I do not want to be obligated to other political interests.