Campaign Platform Initiatives

Financial Experience Matters isn’t just a tagline, it’s the foundation of why Kelly is well suited for the role of Treasurer in Cumberland County with a platform of ideas grounded in her experience and knowledge.

Continually explore ways to create low risk interest earning opportunities for County funds

Utilizing her extensive background in finance and proven ability to mitigate risk while improving outcomes, Kelly would like to explore opportunities within the purview of the Office of the Treasurer to make sure that excess funds are obtaining the best possible return.

Improve the impact of the County’s 3% Hotel Tax.

As Treasurer, Kelly would like to take initiative to review and refine the process for collection of the County’s 3% Hotel Tax; ensuring greater compliance with remittance.

Increase efficiency while maintaining security of County funds

With a host of cash management tools available today to make depositing and management of funds more secure, Kelly will explore implementing solutions to utilize these tools in a cost-effective way to improve efficiency and automation of daily banking activity.